Your (Gravatar) Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Posted on 20. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Today, I really wanted to share with you the importance of having a picture that others can see when you are commenting on a blog post. Haven’t we been told through out our lives that a picture is worth a thousands words, well it definitely is when you are commenting on other peoples blogs. [...]

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“The Clock Of Life”… 20 Words That Can Change Your Life

Posted on 18. Jan, 2011 by .


Share So here you are, you’ve reached that certain milestone in your life that is called middle age… and you’re thinking to yourself… WOW, that sure didn’t take long. Believe me I know… I’m there too, I will be 49 in March. As this time in my life has quickly came upon me, it’s really got me [...]

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Jing It! Free Screen Capture Tool That Rocks!

Posted on 13. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Capture & Share… Have you ever wondered how people can share something from their computer screen? Maybe you’ve seen a video that someone has made and it is a training… they’re using their own blog as an example in their training. I began wondering how they were doing that and happened to be real lucky one day when [...]

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We Are All Born “Entrepreneurs”… Or Have You Forgot?

Posted on 13. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Today is your day, my friend! I’m going to be down right straight forward with you about something today and I really hope it hits you deep down to your core, to your very being! We are going to talk about YOU! Are you ready? So, what are we going to talk about… your family, your [...]

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Challenge Yourself To Go Where YOU Have Never Gone Before! FORWARD!

Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Bring On The Challenge Baby… Today is exactly one week since I launched my blog and I’m so excited to share with you what has come my way in only one weeks time of blogging… two really exciting opportunities that I just couldn’t pass up! First a HUGE Challenge to create 70 blog posts [...]

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Personal Branding…Now Is That Like Dragging A Cow Down And Branding Him?

Posted on 06. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Hello, You guys are very lucky that this post is finally here! MAN! I’ve been working with a new program called Camtasia for making videos and let me tell you… YOU SHOULD NEVER, I say never work with something new when you need to get something done fast! Like this blog post, that was [...]

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The House Is A Rockin… Don’t Bother Knockin… Just Come On In!

Posted on 03. Jan, 2011 by .


Share Hey There, My Dear Sweet Friends! Are YOU Ready To Rock? WELCOME to…! The DOORS have officially Opened! The House is a Rockin, So Don’t Bother Knockin… Just Come On In! I’m so EXCITED and I can’t wait to share with you all that I have planned for you during this SPECIAL week!  Please Join [...]

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