Jing It! Free Screen Capture Tool That Rocks!

Posted on 13. Jan, 2011 by in Online Marketing, Social Media Tips-n-Tricks

Capture & Share…

Have you ever wondered how people can share something from their computer screen? Maybe you’ve seen a video that someone has made and it is a training… they’re using their own blog as an example in their training. I began wondering how they were doing that and happened to be real lucky one day when I ran across this… JING!

What a great tool and the best thing is it’s completely FREE! I love finding free tools that are avaliable for us to use and I think jing is one of those great tools, so I wanted to share it with you.

It’s really actually kind of fun to play around with. There is some extra tools and great features with this free tool. Tools that allow you to help adjust the back ground noise, volume and a couple of others things to make your video better. I do believe that I will need to work on this myself because I found quite a bit of back ground noise in this training, SORRY! I’m still learning too! This was my very first time I had used this program for a training. SO I have a lot to learn about the quality… but that’s all the fun of it… learning to use it right for producing 5 minute high quality videos all for free!

Quick & Easy As Pie…

I found the first time I used this tool, it was very easy and fun. There is several features like recording yourself with a microphone, volume control, audio adjustments for back ground noise.

YouTube Preview Image

I love the little sun up in the corner of my computer screen, such a easy access for my needs. One feature that I really liked is being able to capture a screen shot, just like taking a picture… push the button and you just captured what is on your screen. It rocks!

 Your FREE TOOL… Check it Out!

If you felt this training helped you and could benefit someone else in their search for quality free tools… then please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I really appreciate it!

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11 Responses to “Jing It! Free Screen Capture Tool That Rocks!”

  1. Oliver Tausend

    13. Jan, 2011

    Hi Christina,

    thanks for sharing this. I heard about Jing when I already had bought Screenflow. It’s not for free, but not very expensive either.

    I installed Jing anyway so that my kids can play around on their computer with screencasts…it’s definitely recommendable.

    Take care

    Oliver Tausend recently posted..Think And Grow Rich – The Ghost Of Fear Of Criticism


    Christina Reply:

    @Oliver Tausend,
    i’ve never heard of Screenflow. Jing is a fun tool and great for kids to learn with… they can share be having fun and learning at the same time!


  2. Monyelle

    13. Jan, 2011

    Hi Christina,

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been thinking of using Jing but hadn’t seen it in action yet.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Take care,


    Christina Reply:

    Hi Monyelle,
    so glad I could help! It’s actually quite easy, but if you want to be able to share it to like you-tube to put on your blog, you will probaly need to get the Pro version, but like I said we all spend that in a weeks time or a day… so $14.95 a year is nothing compared to the advantage this tool will give you.
    Check it out, it’s way cool!
    Thanks for swinging by, come back and visit again!
    Take care,


  3. Zutchelli Morales

    14. Jan, 2011

    Thanks a lot for sharing such great tool. I will have it installed on my pc right after reading your post. I would love to play around how that thing works.
    Zutchelli Morales recently posted..CES 2011 – Showing Why Mobile Matters


    Christina Reply:

    @Zutchelli Morales,
    Hi Zutchelli,
    Your so very welcome, so glad I could help! It’s fun and really easy to use… play around with some of the settings and tools… it’s great.
    I do have the Camtasia program… so it was easy to transfer this training into a file so I could down load it on You-tube…
    but for the average person on a very tight budget when getting started I think $14.95 is a trip to taco bell with your kiddo…
    I love taco bell (hehe)!
    I hope you have fun with it… you’ll learn alot as I did!
    Have a great weekend,


  4. Jayne Kopp

    15. Jan, 2011

    Hi Christina, I like Jing also… and have used it a little in the past. I think it is an awesome little freebie for short videos. I do plan on finding the time… one day (lol) to spring for Camtasia… in fact, i need to get better at the video end of things… I have built a bit of a wall.

    I think this post is an excellent idea as it gives people the opportunity to get their feet wet as well as share their content for free (providing it’s short) and you can’t beat that!! Thanks
    btw… I love your blog layout… so airy and open… I really have to get my act together with mine. Great job!
    Jayne Kopp recently posted..What Makes People Tick


    Christina Reply:

    @Jayne Kopp,
    Hi Jayne,
    Thanks for the comment… Jing is a great tool, one thing I did find though is if you want to down load your trainings from Jing to You-tube they are not in the right format, but as I think about it you may be able to use it with windows movie maker to convert it over for You-tube. If not $14.95 a year is just change in our pockets that we spend… so investing in the Pro is worth it… several more features!
    I’m glad you love my blog… has been a lot of love and work put into it!
    I’m in a beta testing for a brand new video marketing training series that will be realeased soon… So I’m learning so much about video marketing and how to do it right… so I will be posting some videos as I start implementing their trainings, so I would love to help you and give you some good tips… Have confidence in yourself… I’m just a newbie too.
    Thanks again and come back Jayne,


  5. Sarah Green

    16. Jul, 2011

    I already have Camtasia by Techsmith but I’m curious about this free tool. Presumably Camtasia has some advantages – I think Jing can only record screencasts for a limited amount of time maybe?


  6. Randal

    23. Aug, 2011

    Thanks for the heads up on Jing, Christina! Will give this a try. I love my screen annotation tools! I use “Awesome Screenshot” and “Little Snapper.” They are great tools in getting messages across. Visual cues are a lot more easily absorbed by our brains than pure-text instructions, for example.

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